Wesley Memorial News

Our church magazine is produced three times a year.

LATEST edition: Christmas 2018 Joy to the World

Summer 2018 Pilgrimage

Spring 2018 Paradise Regained

Christmas 2017 Paradise Lost?

Summer 2017 Reformation

Spring 2017 A living Heritage

Christmas 2016: On the Threshold

Summer 2016: Questioning Success 

Spring 2016: Stumbling Blocks & Stepping Stones

Christmas 2015: Home

Summer 2015: Nonconformity

Spring 2015: Generosity

Christmas 2014: Journeys 

Summer 2014: Roots

Spring 2014: Freedom

Christmas 2013: Waiting     

Summer 2013: The World is our Parish 

Spring 2013: New life

To contribute an item to the magazine, EMAIL to newsletter [at] wesleymem.org.uk.