‘Do not fear, for I am with you, do not be afraid, for I am your God.’ (Isaiah 41:10) This is the consistent witness of the Bible, and of our faith. May we prove its truth in these days.                                                                  Martin Wellings, Superintendent Minister

Welcome... Wesley Mem August 15 2015

        ...to our vibrant Methodist Church in the heart of Oxford, the historic university city where  John and Charles Wesley began the Methodist movement.

We are open-minded in our faith and deeply committed to following Jesus Christ, and building His kingdom.

We are an inclusive church where everyone is welcome, whether you are already on the Christian journey or questioning where to begin.

We particularly welcome students and young people from everywhere to join our fellowship, coffee parties and shared lunches. Ask a church steward for details.


Weekly Sunday worship for the Oxford Circuit, led by our ministers, can be found here. Worship for 29 March available now, led by the Revd Dr Martin Wellings.

Listen to the song  Give me a faith  from Jack Godfrey's musical Amazing Love, performed by our church community in 2017.

Amazing Love follows the early years of the brothers John and Charles Wesley who, as young men, embarked on a mission to America. In the course of the voyage across the Atlantic, their ship was caught in a violent storm which strained John’s trust in God’s providence to breaking point. But the unshakable faith of his fellow passengers, singing to God from the heart of the tempest, calmed and inspired him with a message he never forgot. This is their song. Caught up in the perfect storm of the current global pandemic, in the midst of fear and uncertainty, we can hold on with confidence to the same single message - that whatever happens, God is with us.

The METHODIST CHURCH's latest opportunities for on-line worship are listed here

You can hear previous podcast sermons and prayers from Wesley Memorial in Our Worship;  you can also send us a prayer request on our Contact form. Download the current pdf for Wednesday Prayers.

And see our Virtual worship page for ideas and suggestions for this period of extreme social distancing or isolation.


Organising a future trip to Oxford? VISIT Wesley Memorial; see the first Methodist meeting house in New Inn Hall Street.

NOW visit our heritage website:           www.wesleysoxford.org.uk


Read the full Church Plan here.

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ROOM HIRE: enquire about bookings  and room availability in our premises by calling 01865 243216 or email

churchoffice 'at' wesleymem.org.uk

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Wesley Memorial Church is a registered charity, number 1130966. 

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