Wesley Memorial Church Oxford

Open to God, open to all, open to you.

Some of your questions answered:

1. What is Methodism?
Methodism is a Protestant Church, with about 80 million members worldwide. Methodists emphasise that the message of Jesus is for everyone, and that no-one is excluded from God’s love. We seek to grow in faith and to express our faith in daily life. Our Church has a long tradition of concern for the needy and the vulnerable.
2. What can I expect from a service at Wesley Memorial?
Sunday morning services normally run for an hour or so, and include singing, prayers, an all-age activity, readings from the Bible and a sermon. We enjoy a variety of styles of worship.
3. If I visit Wesley Memorial, will people try to convert me?
No. We will try our best to make you feel welcome, and answer any questions you might have, but everything else is up to you.
4. I am lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender Will I be welcomed?
Yes, warmly. We embrace diversity. You are most welcome!
5. I live together with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Will that be accepted?
Yes. You are both very welcome!
6. What is your approach to the Bible?
You’ll find a range of views and approaches among Methodists! The Bible records human experiences of God and much more besides. We find that through the Bible God speaks to us – especially in the life and teaching of Jesus.

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