Wesley Memorial Church Oxford

Open to God, open to all, open to you.

Open Doors Redevelopment Project - the aims

The primary aim of the project is to adapt our buildings to the needs of the next generation in the centre of Oxford, under the banner Open to God, Open to all, Open to you.

Wesley Memorial Church reaching out to support the community in Oxford City Centre. Read about how this springs from our Heritage here.

Wesley Memorial Church is a Christian community whose members are motivated by their faith to use their resources, including time and premises, to apply their insights and values of the gospel through worship and service. Examples include serving refreshments on Wednesday mornings to the general public, many of whom are elderly people. Rainbow House (established 1985) is a drop-in centre for children under five with their carers enabling children to play, have meals and use baby-care facilities.

Why the community needs this charity

By continuing to provide Wednesday Coffee, Rainbow House and space for the Oxford Phab Club in improved premises, we are making a statement about the welcome that God offers to all especially to those most in need.By enhancing and extending the current premises we are able to allow for new ideas and developments in the future.The difference we make is to assist those who may be lonely or vulnerable to meet with others and receive mutual support.

In planning our Open Doors project we commissioned an Energy Audit which  can be found here

HOW TO GIVE in 2021 via The Good Exchange

Details of the project can be found here

Results and outcomes

The current cost of our Open Doors Capital project is £2.5m. As at June 2020 our fundraising total has reached £2,374,323 including grants and pledges promised but not yet received. The current shortfall relates to VAT which we expect to be able to reclaim under the Listed Places of Worship Grants Scheme (to be claimed before March 2022).

In November 2014, Church Council agreed to implement the project in four Phases.  Phase One (the installation of a stair lift) was completed in February 2015.  Phase Two (the major extension to the Main Hall including new Kitchen, new Upper Meeting room and refurbished Hall) completed in August 2016.  Phase Three (refurbishment of the John Wesley Room and associated kitchen) was completed in December 2016.  We started the final phase in August 2018 (replacement Heritage Windows and refurbished first floor ladies toilets) and with most of the funding required now in place, we expect to complete the project in June 2021.

The proposed site compound for the final phase can be found here

Partnership with Christian Aid

Renewal of the premises is only one strand of the vision for Open Doors.  We are also taking this opportunity to deepen the church's awareness of its mission, promote our Oxford Methodist heritage, and give a practical focus to our membership of the World Church.

We are giving five percent of all voluntary donations and local fundraising to Christian Aid, initially for its work in various places. We will, therefore, also be helping an estimated 88,000 people to adapt to the challenges of climate change through the project to set up community market gardens, and provide seeds, loans and training. In addition to the total referred to above, we have raised £29,247 for Christian Aid which has grown to £104,088 after EU funding is included.

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