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We began our journey towards becoming an Eco church in June 2018 with a meeting of 30 people and a 'bring and share lunch'. That day we undertook an audit of our life as a church by looking at 4 areas - lifestyle, community and global engagement, our church building and worship. 

We registered to become an Eco church and over the course of a year achieved a Bronze and then S silver Eco church award. 

We are now beginning to take steps towards the gold award and hope to get there by 2022.

Watch this page for study opportunities, ways to measure your carbon footprint, and  tips towards eco-friendly living.

ECO-TIP of the week

In the garden, it would really help the birds (as well as hibernating insects and hedgehogs) if you don’t hurry to tidy it up this spring. Birds are hunting for nesting material from vegetation, as well as for food from old seed heads. Overgrown shrubs and climbing plants also provide shelter and places to build a nest. 

Or, if you already have a tidy garden, you could put some nesting material in a spare hanging basket or a bush - natural materials such as straw, twigs, wool and moss are great!

If you don't have a garden or access to a shared space, talk to your local school, or team up with a friend or neighbour. 

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Together we can care for God's earth.