Wesley Memorial Church Oxford

Open to God, open to all, open to you.


Since September 2017, Wesley Memorial Church has hosted a small residential community based in a flat on its premises in central Oxford. 

    (At present the flat rooms are all let to tenants. June 2021)

Our church

Wesley Memorial is a busy, active and inclusive Methodist church in the heart of Oxford. With members of all ages, it seeks to be an open, welcoming community where each person is valued and where the love of God is shared.

You can find out more about the church and its mission and activities by exploring this website, or coming along to worship on a Sunday morning.

View from balcony

What does it mean to live in community?

Since the earliest apostles, Christians have gathered in community to pray, learn and minister together. Intentional residential communities, in particular, have provided an alternative model for social relationships and shared living, a supportive context for deepening discipleship, and a springboard for mission and ministry.

                                   View from the small balcony in the flat

Community Ethos

The expectations, responsibilities and commitments on the part of community members and the church are set out in the following statement:

The Community Ethos —work towards Christian Living: a Statement of Intent

The Community is a joint venture between Wesley Memorial Methodist Church, Oxford and the members of the community. It is a place of shared Christian life: living and loving together in prayer and action.

The Church offers the community members:

The community members offer the Church:

The Church and the community members endeavour to:

The community members work towards sharing:

Agreed by Wesley Memorial Church Council, March 2017