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Wesley Memorial is blessed with a lively Junior Church each Sunday. Our Junior Church  is about children and young people hearing and exploring the bible stories which are the basis of our faith, and also thinking about how God calls us to live out our faith today. We aim to support families to explore and develop their faith together at home too, and over the last year this has become even more central to our mission.

Since March 2020 our Junior Church has run online and has become more of a family event! It has been a joy to continue to share together in our weekly Zoom sessions.

We have also run occasional social events on Zoom. These have included a 'Camp at home’, 'Lockdown Olympics' and a 'Not-quite-a-Halloween Party’ event.

Our teens meet in their group Fizzy, on a Sunday afternoon, again on Zoom, for conversation, games and occasional cooking sessions!

“Rockfish”, Wesley Mem’s worship band was formed many years ago to give our young people an opportunity to take a lead in worship. It is still an extremely important part of our youth ministry although more ‘intergenerational’ now! The advantage is that this does mean we can involve really quite young members of the Junior Church too. During the last year we have managed to record several worship songs together even though apart!  

Junior Church Dec 2020

We love to encourage the talents of our children and young people — our Nativity play this year, recorded via Zoom, was written by one of our Junior Church members. It was then shared with our church family at an online service and enjoyed by all! Not only was it funny, brilliantly written and acted, it also reminded us that there is no social distancing with God and that, the best of all is, God is with us!

 Ezra with angel!  

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