Worship Action Group  

The group meets once or twice a year to :

§  support preachers at Wesley Mem by offering a range of contributions and practical support to worship;

§  build on the Methodist tradition of members of the congregation being involved in worship;

§  maintain and develop the range and variety of content and presentation in worship, 

What are Kaleidoscope services?  Kaleidoscope services are times when we consciously set out to enter into something different from the norm, and see things from a new perspective!

What are All Age services? They are suitable for absolutely everyone over the age of three, and normally last between 45 and 50 minutes. The Junior Church children stay in for the whole service, and there is no long sermon!  

The All Age Activity Service Slot in ordinary weekly services ('10')

Can you lead an All Age activity? We have recently lost several '10' volunteers.  New members are needed, to complement preachers by leading or helping with the All Age Activity at the beginning of Sunday morning worship. Speak to the Revd Dr Martin Wellings who will be glad to hear from you.