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The Treasure Chest by David Matthews

1. The Friends' Ambulance Unit

Ambulance unit

This video describes the work of the Friends' Ambulance Unit (FAU) in the Second World War and makes analogies with the outbreak of COVID.

2. The Stirrup Pump

 .Stirrup pump

This video reflects on the nature of peacemaking — in war and in our own lives

3. Why is the kettle boiling?

Kettle boil?

This video is a reflection on why a kettle boils, with a nod to Nicodemus. (John 3.)

4. Manure!


This video shares some thoughts about fertilisers — garden and spiritual.

5. Cascade!


In this video, the letter R, the spread of Covid-19 and physical and spiritual cascades. 

6. What is this for?

What is this for? (numbers)

A question of numbers!