Wesley Memorial Church, Oxford

Open to God, Open to All

  • New Inn Hall Street
  • Oxford
  • OX1 2DH

01865 243216
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   Worship on Sundays at 10.30 am

       to which all are welcome!

March 4                 Revd David Bull

March  11              Rachel Blainey
& 6.30 pm             Holy Communion    Revd Dr Martin Wellings

March 18              Revd Dr Martin Wellings

March 25              Sue Barratt

March 29              Maundy Thursday Holy Communion  Revd Dr Martin Wellings
7.30 pm

March 30             Good Friday United service at New Road Baptist Church

1 April                 Easter day worship  Revd Dr Martin Wellings

8 April                 Andrew Maisey
& 6.30 pm           Holy Communion    Revd Dr Martin Wellings

Services of worship are a mix of traditional preaching services, All Age, and Kaleidoscope services, all led by Presbyters or by Circuit accredited Local Preachers.   

Leadership of Kaleidoscope services may include a group of people, and are occasions when ideas can be presented in different and original ways.  "Expect the unexpected"!

During the 10.30 am Sunday service, there are Children's activities in the adjacent rooms.  If you are new to our church, please ask a steward about these, and you will be introduced to the appropriate Junior Church staff.

 For details of worship throughout the Oxford Circuit, please follow this link

Find podcasts of sermons here


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